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The Research Administration System enables Tufts researchers and administrators to create funding proposals, route them electronically for approval, and submit them directly to the funding agency.

Current known issues in RAS (fixes underway):

  • If the "Field of Training" question on the PHS Fellowship Supplemental 4.0 Questionnaire panel is not retaining your selection, the work around for this is to select the response and then click on 'Save and Continue' instead of 'Save' and to not go back to the Questionnaire panel.
  • If there is a Budget escalation within the Budget document (ie. Unrecovered F&A, Cost Share, etc.) and the Parent is not inheriting the Financial Reviewer approver role in the Parent route path, the workaround is to add the Financial Reviewer to the Parent's route path as an AdHoc.
  • The 'Submit Cost Sharing' check box in the Budget Settings may not always display the dollar amount on the form. The workaround is to update this setting via the Details & Rates link at each budget line item, check the submit to cost sharing button, and check the save to future periods button.
  • If you have a proposal that requires the Project_Abstract_1_2-V1.2 form, this is currently not supported for S2S submissions through RAS. Please continue to enter the information in RAS and route and submit as a non-S2S proposal (as the current process). Please reference the Grants.gov Forms page to download the correct form for your proposal.
  • NSF proposals do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. NSF proposal submissions should continue to be submitted through FastLane.
  • NIH "P" and "U" program proposals do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. NIH "P" program proposals should continue to be submitted through Assist.
  • National Community and Service Grants do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. These should continue to be submitted through eGRANTS.cns.gov.
  • In the award module, in order to edit the Create Unique Funding Source checkbox, the Grant Account ID field must be empty. If you need to make changes to this field on a child award which already has a grant account ID assigned, use the 'cut' function to temporarily remove the account ID and save the record to make the Unique Funding Source editable. You can then update the unique funding source flag and paste the account ID back into the field before saving again.
  • When setting obligated funds on an award to $0 via an Award Budget transaction (e.g. to cancel a record), an 'Inactive' status will be pushed through to the PeopleSoft grant before the journal adjustments can be made. To avoid this, reduce the budget amount to $0.01 instead of $0.
  • When re-routing a change/correction, you may encounter a "Percentage Effort is not a valid percentage" error. To resolve this, uncheck the 'Complete' and 'Include for Submission' menu options in the Budget panel -> Actions, then re-select them, and the link between % Effort in the Budget and the Proposal should refresh and resolve the error.
  • The Single Point Entry panel in the Budget (PD) is designed for adding Non-Personnel rows and not for adding Personnel. Please continue to add Personnel via the Personnel Costs panel, since personnel calculations required detailed salary information.
  • If a Proposal Hierarchy is returned for further edits after the inital routing, its child proposals may remain in an uneditable (Revisions Requested) status. The workaround for this is to perform a hierarchy copy at the Parent level, which will refresh the status of the original children. Then either the original hierarchy or the new one can be used, and the other one can be canceled.

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